About Us

In 2007, Phillip and I had a desire to provide products and services that were inspired by the ones we loved.  Initially, the products were only made available to family, friends, and upon request.  After much prayer we decided that it was time to make them available to everyone.  The name Inspirations By PhiBrielle comes from the combined names of our two children, Phillip and Hannah Brielle.  Little did we know that nine years later that God would bless us with more creativity through our son Elijah.

Our Mission and Products

IBP’s mission is to provide quality and affordable products and services that reflect core values – God, family, love, respect, and integrity.  Whether it’s through confections, expressions or devotionals, IBP has something for everyone.

 IBP Jewelry is beautifully hand-crafted, hand-designed and affordably-priced jewelry for all occasions.  IBP Jewelry offers a variety of family inspirational designs from the sheer elegance of Ruth’s Pearl to the contemporary flavor of Marian’s Heart or antique style of Clara's Attic. Whether it is vintage, exotic or purely simple IBP Jewelry has something for everyone.

IBP Confections emphasizes quality and taste and reminds you of the sweet smells and tasty treats from grandma’s kitchen.  All confections are made from scratch with the finest and premium ingredients.

IBP Expressions both written and symbolic are a spiritual reflection that can be worn as apart of your every day wardrobe.

IBP Devotionals are devotional readings to help inspire, motivate, and encourage as you continue your journey through life.  If you desire to receive IBP Devotionals CLICK on Contact Us and request to be added to IBP Devotional mailing list.

We at IBP want to inspire the world as we are inspired by family, inspire the world through our love for God, inspire the world through our interactions and inspire the world through our experiences.  So in one phrase we encourage you to BE SWEET, EAT SWEET, AND EXPRESS HOW SWEET YOU ARE!


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