• Custom Cookies

    Customer must specify colors including lettering
    Customer must enter message inscription and/or specify design of cookie to include shape of cookie

    Custom Cookies made with our delicious sugar cookie recipe.  These delicious cookies are dipped and decorated in our delicious royal cream glaze.  We can package and seal them with ribbon or just provide you with the cookies to package or serve however you like.

    Quantity: 12 cookies is $2.25 per cookie; 24 cookies is $2.25 per cookie; 36 cookies is $2.15 per cookie; 48 cookies is $2.05 per cookie; 64 cookies is $2.00 per cookie


    • ALL orders must be placed 10-days in advance by 3:30PM.

    • If you miss the 10-day cut-off, please call IBP at 678-656-6620 and ask if it is still possible to enter a “Late order” for your delivery.

    • For PICK-UP Orders contact IBP at 678-656-6620 directly before placing your order on-line.

    • Please be sure to double-check your order confirmation to ensure the delivery dates, products, quantities, and prices are correct.  If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.