• Specialty Cake

    Customer should specify any message inscription or designs. .

    Make you loved one feel special.  Order this basic 9-inch 2-layer cake with one design.  This cake is covered with  IBP's classic buttercream frosting.


    • ALL orders must be placed 7-days in advance by 3:30PM.
    • If you miss the 7-day cut-off, please call IBP at 678-656-6620 and ask if it is still possible to enter a “Late order” for your delivery.
    • For PICK-UP Orders contact IBP at 678-656-6620 directly before placing your order on-line.

    • Please be sure to double-check your order confirmation to ensure the delivery dates, products, quantities, and prices are correct.  If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.